Golden Throne 2022 Sign-Up Form

Fill out the following contact form, and we'll be in touch right away to schedule an available date between June 12th and 25th. You can make your payment through the PayPal donation button below after we confirm availability.

    $10 - TAKE IT AWAY$20 - GIVE IT TO A FRIEND$30 - TOILET INSURANCE ( Send it to a friend AND it never comes back to you.)

    Use this donation button to make your Golden Throne payment after we contact you to confirm a date.

    Golden Throne 2022 Flyer

    You might see a golden toilet making its way around Front Royal through June 25th. This is a fundraiser for Warren County Habitat for Humanity (WCHFH).

    If you are lucky enough to find the Golden Throne in your yard, you can pay $10 to have it removed or $20 to have it placed in a friend's yard. To ensure that the toilet won’t return to your yard, you can purchase “Plumbing Insurance” for just $30.

    You may pre-purchase Plumbing Insurance if you’d like to support WCHFH but would rather not have the honor of showing off the Golden Throne at your home or business.