Project to Launch in 2017

Warren County will be rolling out a new initiative this January.  Since so many of our county homeowners have much-needed repair work to be done, Warren County Habitat is announcing its 2017 Home Repair Project Initiative.  If you as a homeowner are in need of repairs to your home, Warren County Habitat will offer home repairs to you if you qualify according to the standards listed for home ownership.  We will be selecting a limited number of homeowners in 2017 to contract with to complete needed repairs in order to help you stay comfortable in your homes.  Projects such as weatherization, critical structural repairs, roof repairs, plumbing and electrical issues, and others will be considered.  Each family interested in receiving these repairs must qualify as a Habitat family, and then enter into an agreement to repay the repair work over a period of time, agreeing to a promissory note set up on a no-interest basis for the cost of the repairs.  A monthly payment will be calculated so that the repairs are affordable to you, the homeowner.