No matter who we are, where we come from, what we look like—we all deserve to feel safe in our homes and our communities.  Habitat seeks to build not just homes, but safe, healthy, sustainable communities.  Communities where all members can live without fear of violence, injustice, and harassment.  Police brutality and violence fueled by racism or hate should have no place in civil society, and should not be tolerated in any community.    

Habitat is more than a housing nonprofit, it’s a vision of a world where we share one humanity, where we encourage civil discourse and positive action to address systemic racism and injustice to enact meaningful societal change.  Each of us must be willing to turn a critical eye on our own beliefs, actions, and inactions.  Each of us must be willing to acknowledge our privilege and our biases and work to change not just external systems, but our own internal values and beliefs that when held to the light of day are seen to perpetuate violence and oppression.

The recent killings of unarmed people of color expose the systemic racism and oppression ingrained in American culture.  Frustration and anger are natural and understandable in times like this; however, we have a choice to let that frustration and anger create more anger and more violence, or we can channel that anger and energy to effect real change.  This change will be hard, this change will take time, but our community can become a better place for all, by making changes that protect and uphold the dignity of our neighbors. 

Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity, promoted the “theology of the hammer,” the belief that we must put faith and love into action.  We must work to build a future where no one need fear violence or experience disadvantage due simply to the color of their skin.  In its efforts to realize the Habitat vision of a world where we share one humanity, Warren County Habitat remains committed to recognizing and addressing discrimination and economic disparity in housing in our own community.    

If you have questions or concerns about Warren County Habitat’s programs, policies, or positions contact Jessica Priest-Cahill, Executive Director, at jessica@warrencountyhabitat.org or (540)551-3232.